If You Live on The Gulf Coast You Need to Know This

Monday, April 24, 2017

The regions from Florida to Texas known as the Gulf Coast region has so many ecological resources, and they are all key to the development of the region as well as the its economic progress. However, over the years many human caused activities have destroyed nature as well as the ecosystem around this region. The situation has been worsened by pressures from the ever increasing human population and the rising levels of carbon dioxide that has resulted in the global climate crisis around the world.
But how has the gulf coast specifically been affected? Here is a list of possible effects that the climate might have on the ecology of the Gulf Coast

  • There will be a permanent reduction of the fresh water flowing in the region. This will precipitate an acute lack of water and all activities that depend on it. There will also be reduced biological activity on Tampa Bay, Lagoons of Texas, and Mobile Bay among others.

  •  There could be long-lasting droughts in the region. When combined with reduced flow from the rivers, it will create a situation where ocean water will be highly concentrated with salt and thereby lead to the decline in valuable ecosystems such as seagrass and mangroves. These habitats are a common thing in South Texas Lagoons and Florida Bay. Much of the Gulf Coast sits on limestone. The dry climate and increased methods of sourcing for water such as dredging and the construction of reservoirs are likely to cause increased formation of sinkholes and local subsidence.

  • Forest composition and dynamics will be changed by the changes in soil moisture levels. For example, oak-gum forests and oak-pine forests have low ability to tolerate low soil moisture. They would be eliminated for natural pine that adapts well to changing soil moisture levels.

  •  There will be a rise in sea water levels. This will affect the quality and availability of fresh water. This is because most of the aquifers in this region are susceptible to intrusion by saltwater from the sea.

  • There will also be increased land subsidence to the sea. Some parts of the coast areas will disappear affecting a good number of livelihoods.The tornadoes and hurricanes experienced in many areas especially the Gulf of Mexico are expected to increase in their frequency and intensity. This may have devastating effects on economic growth of the area and put many lives at risk. It will also increase the cost of maintaining basic water, power and transport infrastructure in the region.
If you live in these areas, I know the climate is very important to you because you have been experiencing the affects of climate change already.  We can all play a part by decreasing our carbon footprint which can positive impact globally.


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