5 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Plastics have become the most common form of packaging available today. This has created a problem where plastics have become an eyesore and detrimental to the environment. One way this problem can be dealt with is by re-using the plastic bags after you have used them.
There are a number of ways you can reuse the bags. They include:

Reuse them at the grocery 
 Most of the time, the sellers at your grocery will pack your vegetables in a new plastic bag every time you go shopping. You can avoid continuous use of plastic bags by going with your own plastic bags-the ones you had used earlier. You can clean them and reuse them again when you go shopping.

Protect your hands when cleaning and taking out trash
Yes we all have the task of cleaning the bathroom. If your gloves go missing in the process, you can slip your hands into plastic bags instead and do your cleaning. You don’t like taking out the trash with your bare hand, then grab a couple of plastic bags to keep your hands nice and tidy in the process. Plastic bags are good for both activities. You can use, clean and reuse the bags for similar work again.
 Line up cracked vessels such as vases and plant ports
You can use your bags to give your flower bases a new lease of life. If the flower vases or the potted plants are leaking but still good enough to be used, you can cover the leaking holes with plastic bags. You either line them on the inside or cover the holes with the plastic bags.

Collect your beach trash
A lot of trash is left along the beaches and parks. When going out for picnic or sunbathing, consider carrying a plastic bag to collect all your trash and throw it in the right bins. It is an easy way of protecting the environment. You can use the bags as part of the community cleanup program.

 Make decorative flowers
You can use your plastics to create decorative patterns for use in decorating your home. Mix different colors of bags cut in similar shapes and seal them with glue. It is an inexpensive way to decorate the room for even special function and every day decorations.

Start reusing every plastic bag that you have at home, but better yet take part in ending the use of plastic bags and begin using reusable bags on a regular basis. You will be taking part in making the world a greener place to live for everyone.


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