Reduce Your Plastic Consumption By Doing This

Thursday, March 08, 2018

As it turns out, plastic is not so fantastic after all. While we have definitely found a way to make great use of this material, it has also become an environmental pandemic. Plastic pollution has spiraled out of control and it is safe to assume that the current environmental scenario we are facing today is not what Leo Baekeland envisioned when he invented plastics all those years ago in 1907.

Plastic is designed to last forever but when it is thrown away instead of being recycled, it degrades into smaller pieces rather than decompose. This synthetic material has harmful imprints on the environment and even on human health according to recent studies and research.

Because plastic nowadays is primarily utilized for making single-use items that can be thrown away easily such as water bottles, there is growing concern that the use of plastic might persist forever, which will continue to contribute to an array of environmental issues. You may be just one person, but there are steps that you can take to reduce global plastic use. They include:

Avoid items packaged using plastic

When shopping try and avoid items that are packaged using plastic. For instance, opt for detergents that come in boxes instead of plastic packets. Not only will you reduce your plastic waste, but you will also be sending a powerful message to manufacturers that use plastic packaging.

Also, avoid buying frozen microwaveable meals as they are often packaged in plastic. You will be eating fewer processed food as well, which is ideal for your health.

Use reusable shopping bags

Purchase or DIY a re-usable shopping bag and carry it along with you whenever you go shopping. Nowadays, extra-large carryall bags are even available if you need a larger shopping bag for your goods. At check out, decline a plastic bag if it is offered to you especially if you can carry all your items by hand.

Keep a refillable bottle close by

Plastic bottles are some of the biggest culprits in the war on plastic. Instead of buying bottled water which is an easy target for waste, keep a refillable water bottle close by. There is a wide range in the market today to suit your preference and need. You should also eliminate straw use as plastic straws are very easy to waste.

Pick your consumer products carefully

A lot of the plastic that is polluting our rivers and oceans today comes from micro-plastic components. Micro-plastics refer to tiny chunks of plastic that are difficult to recycle or break down. Micro-plastics are used commonly in consumer goods like face wash and toothpaste. Generally, avoid items that contain ingredients like polypropylene or polyethylene if you want to live plastic-free.


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