Store Closings, Getting Fit and Amazon Who Thought

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Out with old and in with the new and healthy. It has been estimated that nearly three-quarters of a million square feet of retail space will be assigned to fitness and workout businesses. Why is America on this great health kick?  What is the consumer up to? With ecommerce on the rise, the consumer embellishes in the convenience to have everything that's needed delivered right to the home. Today is all about fitness, organic and eating healthy because they have time.  If I don't have run as many errands, I now have time for me. Convenience is actually producing a fit America.

The world of retail is evolving ever so quickly.  We have witnessed landmark store closures in Sears, Toys-r-Us and many more. The convenience of ecommerce has closed malls and emptied storefronts but they are being replaced with fitness and family entertainment. Is this good? From the perspective of the family and Amazon it would seem perfect. Many stores blame Amazon for their closures which can be unfair.  Amazon cannot be blamed for it's dominance. The technology revolution has caused a shift in many areas making not just department stores obsolete but things such as the rotary telephone obsolete as well.  New innovative companies develop products that are about convenience and they create heathier and more efficient solutions. Can you imagine your life now without your cell phone? Absolutely not.

Just as the industrial revolution brought about great change, there will one day be change that will make technology part of the history books. So the new wave today in fitness, technology, organics and ecommerce may very well produce something totally different tomorrow. Everything changes. Nothing ever stays the same.  Change is good.  We are creative human beings establishing the pathways of tomorrow and unfolding new frontiers. Embracing the new health and fitness phase is embracing innovation. The closures of storefronts and establishments is not the end of the world but the making of new beginnings.


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