4 Kitchen Items You Can Recycle or Reuse

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

It can be pretty irresponsible to use things once and then throw it away.  Especially if the item can be repurposed.  Surprisingly you will find with a little imagination most things we use in our daily lives can be recycled. This process helps decrease waste and is economically beneficial for the entire household. One place in the house that has an abundance of items that are potentially reusable or recyclable is the kitchen. It is also the biggest generator of waste. If you want to get involved in preserving the environment, you can start right in your home. Here are some kitchen items you can recycle to reduce waste.
  1. Glass bottles

Sauces, pickles, mayonnaise, jams all come in glass bottles and when the products are used, the bottles are hurled straight into the trash can. Glass bottles if not properly recycled can cause dangers to the environment, animals and even children. Imagine your child getting glass pieces in their feet from a broken jelly jar. Not cool.  Often garbage trucks are careless in handling garbage bags and it might lead to glass breaking which then remains on the street. An easy way to reuse glass jars is to store spices or dried fruit in them. You can turn glass jars into small pots for kitchen plants instead of buying new ones. Fancy glass jars can be a fun substitute for plastic glasses when drinking water.

  1. Vegetable peelings

Instead of throwing away vegetable peelings in the trash where they can be harmful to animals who might eat them from the sidewalk, you can put the peelings to good us. Many vegetable peels like those of potato, carrots and pumpkin are nutritious and can be turned into chips for snacking. A bit of salt pepper some oil, roast in the oven for 20 minutes and  there you have it.  Alternately, they are good for composting in your backyard garden. You can leave them for a few weeks to enrich your soil.
  1. Brown paper bags

Tons of brown paper bags make their way into the kitchen and are mostly thrown out. But brown paper bags are a very versatile product. Reusing them can save you money and save good paper as well as trees. Brown paper bags can be used to create some aesthetic gift wrap that you can see on the like of Pinterest. You can also put your child’s lunch in them. Brown paper bags are good for mopping up things as well. If you have a stock of brown paper bags, they can easily mop up oil, spilled milk, egg and more. How about saving some kitchen towels by using these bags.
  1. Card board boxes

Another item that is mostly thrown out but have great reuse value are cardboard boxes. These are wonderful to use when creating crafts with your children. You can also store things temporarily in them. There are many DIY projects that can be made out of cardboard boxes such as a bird feeder. Cardboard boxes can be used to level furniture by putting them under a table or cupboard. You can also fold up cardboard to use as coasters to hold anything oily, hot and moist  to avoid leaving a stain.
Use these tips to help transform your kitchen and home into a living sustainable dwelling.


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