4 Natural Products that Do Wonders in Cleansing the Face

Monday, November 25, 2019

When it comes to cleaning your face, nothing works better than the products that have a natural origin; apart from being incredibly gentle on the skin, the natural ingredients lock the nutrients and glow inside the cells for a prolonged period. Commercially manufactured cleansers are often accompanied by emulsifiers or surfactants that inevitably contain a chemical base; these constituents furthermore, are injected with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which when used for long can gradually degenerate the outermost protective layer of the skin. One thing we cannot help but bring forth in this discussion is that the skin on your face is quite distinct from the rest of your body; it is immensely sensitive and thin thereby absorbing the harmful UV rays and pollutants from the air in no time. Regardless of the present health of your skin, natural products assure that there will be no side-effects including acne, inflammation or leave it feeling scaly. In the following section, we will be jotting down four natural products that can be used to clean your face. 
  • Clay 
The first product that we will discuss is clay. There are different varieties of clay that can be used in healing your skin through a cleanser and those include green, white and red clay, healing earth and ghassoul. As soon as you apply a layer of it on your face, it feels soft, tightened and soothing because the primary objective of clay is to attract and eliminate all the toxins and reduce the inflammation and resultant reddening. Simply mix it with rose water or regular water and form a paste-like consistency, spread it well over the face especially where the pores are wide open or the spots that contain acne and then after five to seven minutes, rinse it off. If your skin falls on the drier spectrum, you can mix a few drops of essential oils and increase its antibacterial properties. 
  • Curd or buttermilk 
If you cannot get your hands on appropriate cleansing milk, curd or buttermilk can naturally save your day. They are completely surfactant-free and are much more than just emulsified fat; their lactose content nullifies the acidic particles present on the skin and thus, dissolves the entire lipid present on it to eradicate the dead cells. Buttermilk contains a higher portion of lactic acid, therefore implying that if you don't have dry skin, it can be used as an unprecedented exfoliator. Otherwise, you can simply resort to organic milk and curd to gently massage the face for 2-3 minutes before washing it off with cold water.
  • Baking soda 
Baking soda contains the naturally occurring compound of sodium bicarbonate which in turn is made up of sodium, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen and is hence capable of cleaning all the dark spots and pigments from the skin in the blink of an eye. Mix a pinch of baking soda with water and use it simply as a face wash and follow the regular course of it; nevertheless, remember not to apply too much of the baking powder as it can turn extremely harsh when dry. 

  • Mashed fruits and vegetables 
Several skincare companies these days are coming up with cleansing products that either contain the properties of a single fruit and vegetable or are curated from a specific group of it because they are the best scrubbers and exfoliators one can find. Instead of using the benefits of these components indirectly through the packaged face cleansers, mash them up and thoroughly apply it over your face. Avocados, papaya and pumpkin pulp, orange skin, mangoes, and bananas are some of the superior sources of rich enzymes that remove the dead skin cells, excessive oil, and clogged pores.  


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