4 Tips to Help Green Your Next Vacation

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We know how excited you are as you get ready to experience the frolic on your next vacation. If you have  all your bags packed and still have some time before leaving for your flight, catch up on these few tips that will assist you to go green in your vacation. 
  • Carry around your own water bottle. Please. 
When out on a vacation, the importance of staying hydrated at all times cannot be undermined; plus, because it is a new and unknown place, the ambiguity circumscribing the availability of water too cannot be overlooked. While going baggage-free is an excellent idea, we would still recommend you to carry around your own water bottle and make sure it is not made of plastic, please! Reusable water bottles can reduce a lot of waste that ends up in landfills and resultantly, controls carbon footprint. Before heading out, confirm with your guide the number of hours you will be spending out so that you have enough reserve of water to take you through the day.
  • Opt for green activities
Instead of choosing activities just for their "fun" quotient, resort to the ones that are safer for the environment and at the same time, open doors to a priceless album of memories. There is a wide array of activities to choose from, but the selection depends on the location you have chosen for your vacation. If you are unsure about your recourse, then communicate your thoughts and preferences to the guide or consult with the staff of the hotel you are staying in and they will inevitably come with a solution. Activities like biking, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and hiking will not only reduce the carbon footprint, but will also bring you closer to the natural bounties that we often tend to miss out on in our daily lives.

  • Go for things that are local 
Did you know that when you lend out your hand of support towards local businesses, it benefits the community and tourism as a whole? Local commodities have a solitary quintessence of their own which is quite different from the commercially-produced products that are ruling the global markets of the present era. With an increase of local agriculture, the need to import goods automatically decreases which can possibly shut the doors upon the negative impacts on the environment.
  • Explore responsibly 
According to reports, the huge amount of wastes that tourists leave behind while sightseeing constitutes a major factor responsible for polluting the lands and oceans. For instance, when you are hiking, do not deviate from the pre-defined trails and admire the wildlife only from a distance without risking their habitat and disrupting the overall ecological balance. Also, if you are snorkeling, let the ocean and its creatures be as they are without creating much disturbance. Remember, not to dispose of the food residues or trash anywhere on your route; collect them all in a bag and discard them together only when you locate a recycle bin on your way back.


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