3 Ways to Start Your Pathway to Living Green Today

Thursday, June 04, 2020

In case you are wondering what living green means. Here is a simple explanation to help you out. To live green means to make a lifestyle decision that directs one’s activities and engagements on practices which have little or no negative effects on the environment; in essence, plants and animals.

The word “Green” was adopted in the 1970s to qualify the noun “Environment”. The reason for choosing ‘green’ is obvious. It denotes the greenness of the environment. It should go without saying that the world experienced something fascinating on the 22nd of April, 1970, when some 22 million Americans gathered on the streets to call for a healthy and sustainable environment. 

Why is Green Living so important?

Green living helps the environment by bringing down the amount of pollutants that permeate the soil, enters the water or is released into the air. For instance, alternative energy sources have overtime helped to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt. San Francisco and other cities across the world are leading the zero waste to landfill campaign. All these efforts would ensure that less amount of pollutants are exposed or released into the environment.

Studies have shown that by bringing down the use of products made from wood processing, such as paper will help to play in a role towards slowing the rate of extinction of some endangered species that live in the woods. 

Unrecyclable products and other waste materials that have found their way into the oceans have continued to pose a major threat to marine lives. 

How to Live a Greener Life

  1. Have an eye on eco-friendly materials: Consider buying more natural fibres. As much as possible go for cotton over polyester. It is argued that cotton feels a lot nicer on the body. In addition to this, however, is the fact that they do not contain stuff like microfibers that enter into the flow through channels or into the oceans from our laundry base.

  2. Eat more of a plant-based diet: It should be said that one does not necessarily need to go vegan before you could make an impact. By limiting the amount of meat consumption to a few days a week would go a long way. You can take your baby step but ultimately –see to it that you are making better choices.

  3. Shun plastics as much as possible or other materials that are not widely recycled: There are a number of outlets around that are “Zero waste shops” where you could buy unpackaged food. Also, when you step into the supermarket, be deliberate at making sure you buy unpackaged vegetables and fruits.

Leading an eco friendly lifestyle is about living a life that cuts out needless buys. To live a sustainable lifestyle is about consuming less in general one expert once said. 

Green living is the key to having a cleaner environment. And by extension, a cleaner environment is what guarantees a healthy coexistence for all living creatures.


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