4 Areas in Your Life Where Sustainability Rules

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

You probably thought it was magical seeing all those beautiful trees and feeling the amazing air when you move to a remote environment. I thought so too, but nevertheless, that’s the beauty of nature and its amazing features. It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t preserved. Today in our environment, we are less concerned about conservation and more concern about what is going on in our daily lives. Ranging from technology all the way down to health, beauty, politics, and so on, we can forget the great awesomeness that nature has brought us. Most of the beauty that nature has brought us can clearly be stated;


So many beauty product lovers are yet to realize the real trend and tap into the unending and free supply provided by naturally occurring material such as plants and herbal medicine. This is not only a “non side effect beauty treatment”, it is both refreshing and helpful for human health.  Take, for instance, the use of clay on the face and the magical effect it brings. Herbal medicine has not only restored the health of many but has effectively made a name for itself. In places like China and most African countries, organic products are vastly in use and have been spearheaded by most companies supporting the general use of the organic product. Organic style is the new trend that pulls you into the world of beauty, ranging from beauty to health. Most celebrities have tapped into this trend giving them healthy and most dazzling looks.


Like it or not, roughly one-third of the earth’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest and nearly 70%   of oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants. It is more or less the gift of nature to mankind. Preserving these treasures is the same as making up for the depletion of the earth’s minerals.  Why not make a change today by taking a stand to preserve the green life around you and breathe in the gift of nature from it. 


Perhaps you’ve heard the saying: you are what you eat.  It is obviously very popular, and doesn’t sound so pleasant but eating the right food is giving yourself the right nutrients and living healthy. Organic food contains higher nutritional values and going green is absolutely what you need and you could add a good amount of nutrient pack to your plate. Plant based eating benefits human health not to mention how fast it is easily absorbed by the body.


Perhaps your dream of living green is to travel to a remote environment and just enjoy the view with whoever you're with whether it be family or friends. If you’re busy with work and it is not convenient to go on a vacation, turn your dream into an everyday event by going green in your personal space. Create your own garden and add that bit of nature inside or outside for that perfect view.


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