4 Ecofriendly Habits of Anne Hathaway

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Princess Diaries’ star actress and one of our favorite female lead roles chose to go green sometime in 2012 starting with her big eco-friendly wedding to Adam Shulman. She took another big step on her zero-waste lifestyle after an interview with an environmentalist during the shoot of The Hustle movie where she suggested that the next movie production she gets involved with must have a zero-waste policy and a greener environment. The littered coffee cups, water bottles, and food wastes inspired her to go green and waste-free with her family. She says that going greener would make life better for the next generation and she made this realization when she was pregnant for her second son who she birthed late last year. Let's all be like Anne and make our planet a more conducive place to live in with these tips.


 In Anne’s not so accurate words, did you know that all the plastic toothbrushes we've ever used and disposed of are somewhere littered around the world? Disgusting right? She made the decision to start using bamboo toothbrushes on her 35th birthday and this is a tip we think you should pick up immediately! 


 There's no perfect vegan, yes, but did you know Anne had an all-vegan menu for her wedding? Think of veggie burgers, cupcakes, macaroni and cheese, all vegan! Going vegan saves 4,200 liters of water. When you eat less meat, it saves resources because the farmer doesn't have to raise the cows with the grains and there won't be any excessive use of carbon dioxide. Eating vegan equates to eating healthy, and we all just might look as beautiful and glamorous as Anne while still saving the earth and all of nature's cows. 


  Did you know that Anne makes her own moisturiser using coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil which she stores either in bottles or biodegradable containers? If we all had a bit of Anne in us, how beautifully green our planet would be? Making use of bar soaps and solid shampoos instead of the ones that come in plastic bottles would make our children not worry about a day at the beach with floating sunscreen plastic bottles. Or using essential oils in glass bottles that would have us worry less about how the plastic bottles would go away. A good try? You should think about making that switch.


  In 2017, Anne Hathaway wore a vintage 1970 circa dress from Oscar Delarenta to the Colossal movie night party and she looks so glamorous on that red carpet. You can absolutely make use of green laundry detergents on sustainable wear. She supports eco-friendly fashion labels. These outfits make the production of new items fewer and there will be a lot less wool pulled from a flock of innocent sheep. 

By trying out these tips, you become mother nature's best friend. Let's save the environment and go greener by doing it the Anne Hathaway's way! 


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