4 Great Bamboo Products for the Bathroom

Monday, June 08, 2020

Considering the ever-escalating aftermaths of global warming, it is time that we say no to all the synthetic and non-recyclable products and replace them with biodegradable and organic choices. Bamboo is one such material which if introduced in our lifestyles can do its bit to battle climate change and serve us with a fresh breath of air amidst all the toxic chemicals and plastics that we have acquainted ourselves with. In the following section, we will be jotting down 4 great bamboo products that you can use for the bathroom and eventually decrease the non-biodegradable wastes that each individual washroom pools into nature.

  • Bamboo toilet paper 

There are essentially three options to choose from as far as toilet papers are concerned. They are recycled, virgin pulp and bamboo toilet paper. Even though recycled toilet paper is sustainable,  we would be vouching for bamboo toilet paper as more and the reasons are quite simple. The natural qualities of bamboo make them a stronger and a softer option than the paper formulated from hardwood. In contrast to recycled toilet paper, bamboo paper inevitably stands out as a better option and justifiably so. As opposed to the chemicals and BPA found in recycled paper, bamboo toilet paper, especially WHOLEROLL, stands out for being anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, anti-fungal, hypo-allergenic and most importantly free from harmful chemicals such as BPA. 

  • Bamboo toothbrush 

Next in this list of bamboo bathroom essentials would be a toothbrush. For those of you who might know, bamboo is one of the most sought after materials when it comes to manufacturing toothbrushes mainly because of its antimicrobial properties. This infers that whenever you brush your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush, bacterial growth in your gums is curbed through the elimination of the microbes and your teeth are teeth cleaned and safeguarded against plaque. The effects furnished by bamboo toothbrushes are the same as the ones rendered by electric toothbrush from its "rotation oscillation", only at a much lower price.

  • Bamboo shower mat 

Bamboo shower mats are not only aesthetically pleasing but, also keep both the floor and the surroundings of the mat extremely clean and hygienic. Quite unlike their traditional counterparts, bamboo mats do not soak in the water thus, ruling out the chances of unpleasant odor, mold, and mildew. Additionally, bamboo shower mats are efficaciously low-maintenance; because of its structural design, it can keep itself clean and dry helping your efforts. If you ever want to wash it, simply wipe it with hot water piece of cloth.

  • Bamboo shampoo 

The rhyme ensued through bamboo shampoo is definitely incidental and not implied. We are certain that not many of you have heard about this type product. Once you learn more about it, we are sure that you too will treat it borderline miraculous. The minerals of bamboo shampoo strengthen the blood vessels on your scalp and resultantly improves blood circulation. This henceforth will encourage accelerated hair growth. Using hair products that contain bamboo can enhance the overall appearance of your hair and make it shinier and much more healthier than you would normally expect.


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WHOLEROLL-Organic Bathroom Tissue made from Bamboo
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