Tips to Raising a Green Family Like Gisele Bundchen

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Gisele Bundchen is more than a pretty face. The model, mom, actress, and wife is a die-hard activist for the environment. She believes in sustaining the planet healthy and pursuing decisions that enhance it. As a United Nations Goodwill ambassador, the mother of three is unafraid to get down and dirty to build a sustainable world, and it starts with her family.

The model was reported saying that her kid’s first solid food was avocado and papaya, she is absolutely green. Today Gisele grows her garden, makes compost, raises chickens, keeps bees, has flocks of birds that feed on her food remnants to limit waste, and her family’s environmental impact.

So while most parents are finding it hard to teach their kids sustainability and how to be green, 

Gisele takes her kids out to nature and have them partake in everything she does. This allows them to connect with the environment, know it, and love it to want to preserve it.

Raising green kids like Gisele is not difficult; these are some of the ways she has managed to keep her kids excited about the environment.

Teach your kids the meaning of sustainability – the word sounds big, but the impact is higher when they understand what it means. Gisele and her kids enjoy planting in the garden, harvesting, eating only what you can finish, and picking eggs from the coop and more. Each member of her family has their reusable water bottle to limit the use of plastic and the impact on the environment.

Lead by example – one thing that Gisele does well is lead, and she is not afraid to do it or show it. Words are powerful and can be used as a tool to change or hurt ourselves or the environment. Gisele teaches her kids how to use their voices for good and push for a healthy and sustainable planet.

Plant your own garden – Gisele is a lover of organic and fresh foods. This can be seen in her passion for raising chickens, beekeeping, and growing a vegetable garden. The more we plant, the cleaner our environment will be. Moreover, plants add freshness to our diet and make us feel great and healthier.

Limit screen time – you would not expect an international model to stay off social media and the screen, but she does. Although her kids have all the technology to stay connected and watch cartoons, she encourages them to get out into nature. So the next time your kids say they are bored, let them go out and get creative.

While Gisele is devoted to living an organic lifestyle, she uses simple steps like the above to get her kids excited about nature. However, she is not alone, teaching kids about being green and sustainability is the duty of everyone, and her husband offers his full support too. He is all about reusing, reducing, and recycling.

Kids need someone to push them; it starts with you-the parent and your attitude towards the earth. It is never too late to start, and just like Gisele’s kids, build your little environmentalists for the next generation.


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  1. it is a beautiful article, guess going green is not that hard. Love it.


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