How to Live Green on a Low Budget

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

There are a lot of misconceptions about living green. Many are of the opinion that a perfect green life can only be achieved in the rural area. A lot of people believe that living green is expensive as it will require replacing processed food with a healthy diet. However, this is not true. You can live a simple green life on a very low budget and in any environment. Living green starts with the mindset. You can start with something as simple as replacing some of the junk foods you eat with healthy fruits and food which can be found any where in your local marketsgotten around you. Below are some of the ways you can live green on a very low budget:

  • Take care of utilities that consume money

What this implies is that you turn off energy-consuming appliances when you are not using them. This is one of the simplest ways to cut bills and save money. Utility as small as fans and TV can pile up your bills when you leave them working all the time. Also, during winter or summer, a slight change like 3-5 percent lower in the level of heater and AC can save some money. We all know that these two utilities are some of the things that increase our bills. 

To cut the rate at which we use the heater, you can go old fashion and put clothesline outside. This doesn't consume any energy and it helps you save up a great deal. 

You can also save up on bills by the amount of water you use. First, try installing a relatively inexpensive showerhead and alternate this with your baths. You will be surprised how much this would help you save when you start practicing it.

Also, replace your light bulbs and light fixtures with energy-saving ones. You can also replace your water heater with energy-saving ones like the tankless versions. This would reduce your expenses and increase your savings. 

  • Buy things from second-hand stores

Before making orders from Walmart or Amazon, ask yourself if you can get the same things you are about to order from second-hand stores. Although some of the things you will get at the stores might come with a little wear and tear or stain, you can give them a second life by using a nice slipcover or a good wash. 

From clothing to household appliances and furniture, these can all be purchased from second-hand stores, garages, or thrift stores. Aside from getting things from these stores, you can send some of the things you want to replace to second-hand stores and make some money from it. 

  • Go for reusable items instead of disposable ones.

Reusable items can be chosen for some of the items on the table below:



Paper towel

Rags or Sponges

Disposable shavers

Reusable razors

Plastic cups

Coffee mugs


Washable plates


Clothes Napkins


Replacing these things with disposable ones help to cut the cost spent on getting new disposable ones. This inadvertently helps you save some money.

  • Buy more from Farm Markets than Organic stores

The best place to get things at a very cheap rate while not reducing the quality is from farm markets. Farm markets offer good prices for foods like milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.These are often expensive in organic stores. In most cases, the things you are getting from the farm stores are fresher when compared to organic stores or supermarkets where the products could have been on the store shelves a few day. It is advisable to patronize farm markets for the cost and freshness that is provided by doing so.


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