Why We Should Preserve The Environment Just Like Leonardo DiCaprio

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Leonardo DiCaprio, the popular actor, and TV producer, who became popular after his remarkable character in Titanic, is an environmental activist. He is a dedicated lover of the environment and views this as the place we call home. He does not just talk about saving the environment from deterioration, he also practices this. 

DiCaprio promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle through social media platforms and with his foundation. In one of his lectures, he talked about the global climate change of 2017 which happens to be the third warmest climate. In this period, the world experienced the devastating effect of climate change. There were extreme hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. In fact, the damages cost more than $100 billion. 

DiCaprio founded his foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), to raise funds for not just the preservation of the environment but also the creatures who are fast becoming neglected. The foundation organizes programs and raises funds to trigger a global transition to 100% renewable energy. 

In 2015, DiCaprio bought the Blackadore Caye, a wild unpopulated piece of land off the coast of Belize. He transformed the land to an eco-resort known as "Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island." The place is opened to friends and visitors who want to experience the beauty of everything eco-friendly. 

Benefits of preserving our environment

The best way to enjoy a stable climatic condition both in terms of temperature and water is to preserve our environment. Preserving our lands has a lot of advantages. Below are some of the things we enjoy when we preserve our land:

  • Improve air quality

Have you ever wondered why people who reside in the rural area live longer than those who reside in the urban area where there are many companies and industries? The reason for this is because trees are known as the earth's lungs. They do not just provide us with pure oxygen but also clean the air of its different pollutions. When we protect our environment, including the trees and natural plants in it, we enjoy better air quality. 

  • Climate change

Over the past 100 years, the temperature of the urban area has increased by about 0.5 - 3.0°C. This situation is known as the "heat island effect, " and is caused by the reduction of eco-friendly environments and the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. However, trees and parks can help to avert this. With trees and parks, we have access to natural carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.  

  • Improve water quality

When we preserve our open lands and environment, we enjoy more natural infiltration which is responsible for storm water management and water quality. Preservation of our natural environment also helps to reduce improper water management systems which is responsible for storm water runoff that often leads to erosion, floods, and water pollution.  

  • Biodiversity and Habitat Protection

Preserving our environment is not only beneficial to ourselves but also to the natural plants and inhabitants of the environment. Wildlife and vegetation depend on the natural environment for their survival. 

The importance of biodiversity cannot be quantified. Most of the herbs and species we used for cooking and medications are products of biodiversity. Biodiversity also improves recreations and aesthetics, and the overall quality of human life. 

Destroying our lands and its inhabitants reduces biodiversity.


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