Julia Roberts Advocates for Raising Eco-conscious Families

Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Speculations will insist that the movie Erin Brockovich greatly influenced a permanent lifestyle for Hollywood Actress, Julia Roberts when she played the lead role. The movie, Erin Brockovich was set after a real life environmental activist, Erin Brockovich, who filed a successful lawsuit against California’s  Pacific Gas and Electric Company, PG&E in 1993. The movie was shot and released in 2000. Since then, even after claiming not to know the volume of wastes she produced until after having her children, Julia Robert has since been promoting and advocating for the green family lifestyle in so many ways. She did not just receive the title “The Green Hollywood Star”, she earned it. Here are the ways Roberts is advocating for raising eco-conscious families 


$20 Million Malibu Eco-Friendly Upgrades: In 2016, Julia Roberts bought a house just across her clifftop custom-built home. The house, tagged eco-friendly wonderland by dailymail/co.uk was said to have cost her a whopping sum of $7 million. The house was believed to be Julia Robert’s definition of a perfect eco-friendly family home. The house is spacious for her children. The Green star invested $20 million in eco-friendly upgrades to her Malibu home. It  has solar panels, energy-efficient appliances. Also, it has a beautiful lush garden displaying different nature species, greenhouses, vegetable patches plus two giant beehives looking over the Pacific Ocean.

Sophie Uliano

Roberts has always provided and ecourage ecofriendly living with family especially for her husband, Daniel Moder and children, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry. In the days when she began the eco-influenced lifestyle, she always questioned herself on other things she could do to save her home and planet. As a result she hired Sophie Uliano a green consultant to educate her on green living. Uliano provides great insight and direction for Roberts as she gives her insights and advice on raising an eco-conscious family

Green Group

After the success of the first book by Sophie Uliano, Roberts, Uliano and a couple of friends went ahead to form a green group to teach and aid mothers on how to incorporate and build eco conscious families who want to bring great awareness and desire to impact the environment. Here are some high profile green initiatives they participated in.

  • Featured on Oprah Show to discuss composting as a way to dispose family leftover meals

  • In 2015, she shared her picture to supported the Save Our Soils Initiative which is a movement to save the soil by abolishing irresponsible farming practices 

  • In 2007, Robert was rumored to have been troubling her husband to buy a 100 acres wildlife across their family ranch in Taos in order to save the wildlife from the oil companies. 

Julia Robert is one of Hollywood's A-list celebrities who enjoys her family's private life, but never ceases to live green. According to Robert, motherhood is the reason she became environmentally aware. In her writings and talks about raising eco-conscious homes, Robert will always say, “People think, well, I won’t be here when the planet implodes. But maybe your grandfather will, or your great grandchildren or your great great great grandchildren. And if you could give them one more day on earth, wouldn’t you?”


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