Make The World A Better Place By Living Green With These Tips

Friday, March 31, 2017

Climate change news have over the years dominated environmentally-conscious minds and even spurred movements, and desire to explore space to look for planets that can support life as the environment on earth seems on the verge of complete destruction due to the many careless practices by individuals, industries and manufacturing companies alike. However, it is possible for you to make a difference by changing your habits and embracing eco-friendly tips to make the environment around you better. Also reduce your carbon print, sensitize your friends and family on environment-friendly practices and contribute towards stopping adverse climate change as a result of the greenhouse effect, global warming and air and water pollutants.

·         Be More Aware
Living a life where you have greater awareness of resources will help you pay more attention to the products you use and how you use water, energy and fuel and hence make the step to embracing more environmentally-friendly practices.

·         Conserve, Recycle and Reuse
By conserving energy and water, reducing the amount of waste that you use, recycling paper and plastic (and buying recycled products) and reusing and repurposing waste items and products, you can make your contribution towards a healthier environment.

·         Plant Trees
The cliché, “the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago and the nest best time is now,” should be taken more seriously. Deforestation has led to climate changes and interfered with the natural habitat of valuable flora and fauna. Hence, planting a tree is a great way to improve the landscape around your home or local park, reduce carbon footprint and preserve the environment. Use resources such as to help you in this practice.

·         Shop for Seasonal Locally Grown Produce
This supports local farms, helps you practice healthy organic eating and even encourages you to take on gardening as a way to supply some of your food and reduce carbon footprint.

·         Sign Up for Your Local Environment Groups
These allow you to make a difference with like-minded people through planting trees, tracking animal population, caring for the environment and participating in environment clean up and restoration activities among other practices.

·         Switch to Tap Water
Bottled water not only produces container waste but also, is an expensive habit. Instead, buy a water filter and switch to tap water and instead of buying water when going out carry your own in a reusable aluminium bottle or flask.

·         Use Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips
These include organic food gardening native gardening ( learn how through, create climate friendly gardens through and grow vegetables in containers as directed by


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