4 Zero Waste Tips When Grocery Shopping

Monday, August 26, 2019

A part of our everyday life is going to market or taking that daily or weekly trip to the grocery store. We all must do it because it is the foundation of our sustenance.  Taking these trips can involve a lot of waste though. What can we do to help eliminate some of it. In this fast pace world where convenience is cherished, we have found ourselves buried in trash. Waste has become commonplace and now is the time like never before to take a look at living a zero waste lifestyle. How can we do this? What can we do in our weekly shopping trips to help make this transition? 
1. Plastic Usage
Plastics are one of the many elements that is contributing to the environmental crisis. The time has come to look beyond our personal conveniences in order to save the environment. We must take steps to reduce the use of plastic. When grocery shopping, you should bring your own bags or demand environment friendly recycled paper bags. It is your responsibility to raise awareness against everyday disposable plastic usage. Taking your own bags will reduce the amount of extra non biodegradable waste. There are more and more grocery stores emerging around the world that have eliminated plastic usage and plastic  food packaging.

2. Chemical free Shopping
We must promote a more natural way of living life. As we are now accustomed to a fast and busy life, we tend to choose packaged foods which are processed and not good for us.  These ready to eat foods bring their own set of health hazards. They can lead to chronic ulcers, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases etc. We must therefore look for more fresh products such as fresh fruits or vegetables, less packaged drinks and more natural juice. These can be easily placed in non plastic containers when shopping. Taking an extra 30 mins of our life for a fresh meal can save many from deadly diseases.
3. Know your consumption
Your eating habits can be changed within 21 days. By leading a healthy lifestyle, you cut down on harmful consumption of chemicals. Choose wisely while shopping. Make a list of items that you need before shopping. This way you can reduce the extra waste that is made when buying extra food just for the sake of it. Take time to understand what you are eating. Your meals and diet are important. Eliminate the extra which you actually don't need in order to reduce the waste that will be made. 
4. Bring your own containers
Choosing a healthy lifestyle over packaged convenience bring a new set of responsibilities. We must bring our own containers, which can help in two ways – we would be able to choose fresh stocks of spice and dairy products and


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