Here's how Cameron Diaz advocates for the ecofriendly lifestyle

Friday, August 28, 2020


Among the first set of celebrities to be outspoken about the effect of our lifestyle on the environment is Cameron Diaz. For more than 15 years now, Diaz has anchored a series of programs targeted at restoring the environment. In 2005, Diaz teamed up with MTV for an eco-friendly adventure called Trippin. As part of the program, she traveled with her friends to places as far as Patagonia, Bhutan, and Yellowstone to educate people on the need to be eco-friendly.

She also educates people on endangered species and energy consumption. As part of avoiding further environmental decadence, Diaz drives a Prius and uses offsets for carbon-neutral traveling. 


Here are some of the great things to know about Cameroon Diaz's way of promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

  • We Can All Make A Difference

Cameroon Diaz's method of advocating for an eco-friendly lifestyle is far from that of a preacher trying to convince his or her audience on the benefits of accepting what he has to offer. Rather, Diaz sparks the interest and lights the fire in her audience by asking them thought-provoking questions. 

In one of her programs, she asked a very simple question whose answer paved the way for her to educate the people on the need to be eco-friendly. She asked "Do you know where your water comes from, " the answer "of course, is "we don't." This reply gave her the opening she requires and made many listen to her. She has once asked her audience "how do we make this little planet of ours a big star?" This question was featured in the cover story of Marie Claire‘s July issue. “The planet needs a publicist.”

Through her question and answer techniques, she makes the environment feel like it is worth saving and that we all can come together and save the environment. In fact, Diaz has once asked a bunch of ducks " do you often come to this park" just to make her audience understand the benefits of visiting the park. Her method is seen as different and unique. 

  • We Are All Learners, No One Is An Island.

It is indisputable that people are more receptive and tend to learn more in an interactive environment. In fact, research has shown that the best teacher is also a student and no other eco-friendly advocate portrays this as much as Cameron Diaz. 

Diaz does not approach her audience like a Miss know-it-all, rather she allows them to share what they know with her while she shares what she knows with them. This way, she is able to create an interactive atmosphere that reveals and teaches the audience that what they know about the environment is not all there is to know about it. 

Aside from using this method on her audience, she also uses this to learn more from experts. She is an enlightened and open-minded eco-friendly activist. Diaz's unique method has helped her achieve splendid results in her advocacy for the eco-friendly lifestyle.


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