Saturday, October 22, 2016

The earth and our environment is one of the most important God-given gifts bequeathed to mankind, yet it is also one of the most neglected and abused treasures that many take for granted. Our natural resources provide us with numerous benefits. We all are recipients of its fruits whether it is food, clothing or shelter.  We only have one earth and there is no other replacement or not any other world that we can call home. We cannot allow laxity, abuse or neglect to continue to wreak havoc on Mother Earth. Our actions must begin now.  Climate change is the symptom of years of neglect with causes such as fossil fuel use and the deforestation problem.  We must make a conscious effort to take care of our environment before it’s too late for us to save the earth.

What can you do? Just a small amount of effort from any individual or groups of people that are willing to make simple changes can make a big difference. It can be as simple as reducing your energy consumption, sharing tips on social media or blogging. It does not matter how small or big your effort. Every action makes a difference. How is saving the earth right in your hands? The following tips are some of the small ways you can make changes as well as inspire others in your quest to preserve our planet. It’s in your hands.

1.      Bring your Own Water
Instead of buying a plastic bottled water every time you need to drink, begin packing your own H2O.  This will greatly help eliminate disposal of non-biodegradable plastic bottle or cans every time you may need to quench your thirst. This will not only save your money as bottle water prices do have a steep markup, but you’ll also spare the earth from the pollution from the hard-to-decompose products that are often found in lakes and the ocean. When making a water bottle purchase, go for a sturdy, reusable and easy-to-clean bottle.

2.       Walking or Biking
Apart from large fossil fuel companies and large manufacturing industries, one of the huge contributors of ozone layer destruction and tremendous greenhouse effect is the harmful carbon dioxide that’s emitted by vehicles. That’s why if you are going to commute or travel to your office to home, biking can be a good alternative. But if you are just going to visit a nearby area, walking or doing a running exercise can be a good choice to reduce car usage. Not only does your exercise save our environment, but it is also a healthier alternative.

3.      Avoid using aerosol perfumes
When it comes to selecting your perfumes or other personal or household products, avoid choosing a product that is contained in an aerosol or spray can. According to research, aerosols can releases chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere which has been proven to be a harmful chemical component that damages the ozone layer and contributes to the greenhouse effect.

4.      Don’t trash your damaged cellphones, electronics or batteries
Don’t turn landfills into a sea of gadgets and non-biodegradable electronics. Mobile phones alone can pile up more than 65,000 tons of hazardous waste and harmfully leak toxins such as lead and mercury into the soil. This is another detriment to the ecosystem and attributes to our land pollution problem.

Saving the planet is one person and one habit at a time. I bet you didn’t realize that it was right in your hands. Saving the planet is a process, and we can combat climate change with sustainable solutions that are right at your fingertips. Will it happen overnight? No. But when we all actively participate, progress will being made. We will then be able to enjoy a cleaner and healthier world and pass it on healthy to the next generation.


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