Christmas Shopping Stressing You Out-Do This

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

If you have ever worked in retail at Christmas time then you know that it can be difficult. The number of customers that walk through the store doors are not stop. The shop is always busy giving both staff and customers little room to take a breather. Shelves become empty very easily and staff are filling the shelves constantly. And of course, stress levels can rise for both customers and staff.

But there are certain things you can do to decrease the stress levels. First, remember to be patient. There's nothing worse than customers barging into one another just to get a product that the store will undoubtedly have in abundance. If the product you're after isn't there, ask a member of staff to find out if they have any in the storage areas. Of course, the customer assistant may be already overwhelmed, but they still have a duty to meet your needs and sometimes they just might enjoy the a break off the store floor.

If a customer barges into you, try to resist the temptation to barge them back. This could make the situation worse, which in turn could ruin the shopping experience for others. That's not to say you shouldn't do anything, though. Challenging them on barging into you is acceptable, as is demanding an apology. If they get aggressive as you may see on a super savings day like Black Friday, let a member of the staff know. Customer service is every store's priority. Who wants nasty customers like that in the store ruining the experience for others.

Because the shelves can get empty pretty quickly, you will have isles where the staff will be filling more frequently. This means you will see plenty of stackers that contain the products that you want. Don't rush. Just wait for the customer assistant to put out the stock while giving him or her the space they require to do so. To hinder the assistant means it will take longer for the stock to be put on the shelf  forcing others to wait. Sometimes you can just kindly ask for what you need and he will get it for you.

Finally, have the mindset that the staff is doing all they can. We have all seen it before where an associate is scanning products on the register while being shouted at by a customer for not packing fast enough. It's not productive and it's not pleasant. And it's the opposite of what Christmas should be about. Relieve some stress and remind yourself of what the season is all about.

Remember that Christmas is supposed to be the time of year when we can be merry. It's a time of year where ideally we should be generous to one another, providing each other with some respite from the all-year struggles of hard work and careful eating. So give be a good customer and give good customer service. Have a good Christmas.


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