The Impact of Climate Change is Right in Front of Your Eyes

Friday, February 01, 2019

One of the misconceptions of climate change or global warming is that if there is a cold day people assume that climate change is a hoax. People are often heard saying, "How can it be a climate change or global warming if it's 5 degrees outside?" Here is a simple explanation. Weather is now. It's what you see today. Climate change is long term. So if it is cold today and warm tomorrow, that is weather. Global warming is about a consistency and pattern of weather conditions over years and decades. One cold day does not discredit global warming.

What is the evidence? Just recently or even currently the polar vortex has sent a wave of cold that has not been seen in decades. The warming is causing extreme fluctuations. Who would have ever thought it could be colder in the United States than it is in Antarctica. Well that is what is happening right now. There are pictures of Lake Michigan completely frozen over and it looks like Antarctica.

We are living in somewhat of an invisible but visible crisis. It is easily visible to the scientific eye. But to the everyday person it may not be. What is visible are the earthquakes, famines, floods, tsunamis, uncontrollable fires and increasingly rising seal levels, yet some still don't believe. We must believe. We are experiencing devastation right at this moment. There are pieces of land the size of Manhattan, New York that are getting washed away in Bangladesh. There is unusual sea life die offs due to abnormally warm ocean water temperatures. This is just the beginning. What will it look like in 2050? If we don't begin to take strategic actions to combat this crisis, we disable the next generation.

Our children are our future. The land is not ours, but it our responsibility. What are we going to do? Speak to your local representatives and ask them to support green legislation.  We have no more time to waste. Just as this crisis has slowly crept upon us, it will take that much time to reverse the problem. Be proactive because the impact of climate change is right in front of your eyes.    


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