5 Tips to Zero Waste in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

We live in a world of excess. We must always be in search of ways to preserve the environment. s Take a few minutes from your busy schedule to pursue the waste in your home. Sounds unpleasant right? It can be, but this is the first step to learn and live healthy, lean and light on the earth. The goal is to produce as little waste as possible by concentrating on the use of reusable and recyclable goods. 

As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a regular household produces 4.38 pounds of landfill-bound waste daily. We all know how easy is to use a plastic bag for shopping, storing things or for garbage, but it takes more than a century to decompose in a landfill. The 3 R's are zero waste basics.
  • R, reduce
  • R, recycle 
  • R, reuse
The zero waste lifestyle cannot be adopted overnight. Everyone needs to grasp new and more environmentally friendly ways gradually. What can be done.

Begin by implying segregation tricks in the Kitchen
This is the easiest trick yet hard to implement in the kitchen. Dedicate a recycling bin, a compost bin, and a trash bin and be careful what you put into the bin. All the recyclable products like cans, water bottles should be properly cleaned before dumping. Do not put cooked food and oil and meats in the compost bin. 

Promote environment-friendly personal hygiene 
The average person changes a toothbrush every 3 months or some may change sooner. Why not switch to a bamboo one. Switching to this type would reduce plastic waste. The disposable razors have eased shaving but why not switch eco-friendly metallic safety.
A bamboo toothbrush is about the same price as a plastic brush and sometimes a little cheaper. The bamboo brush minus the bristles can be used as a garden scraper. Rather than buying small bottles of dish detergent, why not buy bulk-sized reduce overconsumption of plastic.
Adapt the habit of using cloth rags
Let's switch to cloth rags when cleaning spills, drying dishes and for other cleaning purposes. 
Did you know used tissues are not recyclable? Wouldn't it be better to carry a small handkerchief with us to wipe our hands and mouth, rather than using tissues?
Bid Final Goodbye to Plastic Containers
Say no to plastic disposable cutlery. It may be easy to use and easy to just throw the plastic spoons away, but let's be responsible. Do not use paper plates which promotes single use. Substitute it with ceramic or metallic dinnerware. Plastic containers are widely used, but making the eco-friendly switch to reusable glass containers is the best zero waste sustainable choice.

Preserve What Can’t Be Used Immediately
Learn the art of food preservation to help eliminate waste. The foods which can't be used immediately should be preserved wisely in the freezers for later use. Until ready to use, do not wash the fresh produce. This preserves the produce longer. The uncut meat should be wrapped nicely until ready to eat. Be advised that hot food items should be cooled at room temperature before refrigeration. 


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