Supporting The Green Lifestyle The Way Brad Pitt Does

Monday, August 24, 2020


Hollywood star actor, producer, and father, Brad Pitt has revealed that the best way to spread the green lifestyle is to make it a staple in whatever career you find yourself. Living the green lifestyle goes beyond adopting it as a lifestyle. As a green lifestyle lover, spreading the green lifestyle should also be one of your goals. This is just what Brad Pitt is doing.  

How did Brad Pitt begin his journey?

In 2007, after the hurricane that left a devastating effect on New Orleans, Pitt was shocked at the "lack of rebuilding progress in this historic, working-class community." He took the initiative and started rebuilding the city. The hurricane event-triggered Pitt's interest in the green lifestyle, and, in fact, he set up a foundation and donated $5 million to build 150 greenhouses. According to Pitt, the 2007 hurricane was an aftermath of environmental decadence and global warming.  

In a bid to create more awareness of the devastating effect of our lifestyle on the environment, he anchored remarkable programs channeled at promoting the green lifestyle and encouraging people to be eco-friendly. 

This article would list some of the remarkable ways Pritt has helped spread the green lifestyle. 

Animal Sanctuary Support

In 2007, following the opening of the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary established by the Namibia Conservationists Marlice van Vuuren, her husband Dr. Rudy van Vuuren and family friend Chris Heunis, Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their kids decide to spend their Christmas holiday in the Sanctuary. According to Marlice van Vuuren, the sanctuary is committed to “conservation and the protection of the Namibian wildlife, land, and people.”

During their stay, Pitt and his families watched how the conservationists worked with sick people and animals. After the vacation, they donated $2 million to support the sanctuary's goal. This singular act shows that Pitt is committed to the progress of the eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Make It Right Foundation

Following the 2007 Hurricane Katrina, a lot of celebrities donated funds to restore some of the things destroyed by the hurricane. Among the those celebrities of course was Brad Pitt. However, while the celebrities were donating to the restoration of the properties that were destroyed, Pitt took a step further and established the Make it Right Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to build 150 greenhouses. This way, Pitt's foundation promotes the green lifestyle.  

According to the US Green Building Council, Make It Right Foundation community of homes is the largest greenest neighborhood of single-homes in America. All the homes under the foundation are LEED certified in order to ensure there is sufficient energy sustainability. 

Alternative Fuel Cars

Aside from the Make It Right Foundation, Pitt also committed himself to California's energy sufficient car project termed Prop 87. He once held a conference aimed at raising funds for the $4 billion projects and ensured that this great feat will be achieved so that the environment is protected. 

Brad Pitt's love for the green lifestyle goes beyond adopting it. The green way of life should also be promoted, funded and a daily objective for everyone. The more people are aware of how much their lifestyle is harming the environment and contributing to environmental degradation, the easier he believes, it should be for people to adopt the green lifestyle. 


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