4 Simple Environmentally Friendly Tips to Save the Planet

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

In the past few years, human activities are posing great harm to the environment. Global warming has now become the biggest existential threat for the planet. Cases of medical health problems are also rising due to poor environmental health. In such situations, we  need to take some preventive steps to protect the environment while preserving natural resources. 
There are so many things that we can do at individual levels to help the environment. Below we have highlighted a few simple tips that you can follow at home to contribute in promoting environmental health.
Use reusable bags We all know that plastic grocery bags create huge waste on this planet. They usually end up in landfills, oceans and rivers, causing major harm to the environment and health of living beings. Many animals consume plastic waste by mistaking it as food, and it leads to terrible diseases or painful death as well. It is also important to mention that plastic waste takes several decades to decompose. In such situations, it is good to use reusable bags for your routine shopping needs. Many big brands are even offering such reusable bags at heavy discounts to promote environmental safety. 

Print less We all have seen those teachers who want to use paper for everything; you may have wasted lots of papers preparing assignments. Offices keep a huge collection of documents in the form of papers. All these activities cause big harm to the environment as lots of trees are cut to manufacture paper. It is time to be even more dependent on digital technologies to stop paper wastage. E-readers and laptops must be promoted in the educational institutes. Offices must be sustainably responsible. Printing a lesser amount  of papers can be a great contribution towards environmental health.

Prefer carpool
Another major cause behind the rising cases of air pollution and noise pollution is increasing traffic on the road. The higher number of vehicles means more harm to the environment. It is better to promote the usage of public transport or carpooling when people are moving to and fro different places. People need to adjust their schedules in such a manner that they need not drive separately all the time. Decreasing your carbon footprint by carpooling can be a great effort towards environmental preservation.

Use bamboo products Instead of using harmful plastic materials and other resources; it is better to make use of bamboo products. They are one of the most hygienic and durable solutions available today. Bamboo plants grow three times faster than trees and ensure a higher yield. At the same time, they also prevent soil erosion as well. Using bamboo products can help to save the environment and human health as well. WHOLEROLL the organic toilet paper is a bamboo bathroom tissue with many environmental and health benefits. No trees are destroyed to make the product. If you employ these simple tips to save the environment, we can all imagine a healthy future for the coming generations. 


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WHOLEROLL-Organic Bathroom Tissue made from Bamboo
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