5 Tips to Go Green Inside your Car

Friday, December 20, 2019

Before we raise a finger at the rest of the world and hold them responsible for Global Warming, let us not forget our generous contribution to it. While the environmental deterioration seems like an objective issue and one might be persuaded to think that an extra piece of plastic casually thrown away somewhere on the land or in water will not make much difference, but it does; it all adds up with each second. There are a lot of things that you can do while staying at home or at work to cure the hazards done to our mother earth, but did you know that a few ethics while riding the car too will have enough sequel? In the section below, we have 5 sustainable tips for you to Go Green even when inside your car. 
Have a car tray!
Now, this might sound a bit unfamiliar, but having a paper tray in your car that you can use to collect all the receipts, food coupons and newspapers while on the way to your destination will make the inside look clean and is a sustainable method to reduce waste disposal. Mere acceptance of plastic from one or two vendors will add up to a lot someday and will have to be simply discarded in the environment without reuse or recycle. Therefore, once you start carrying your tray on-the-go, you can combine them with the extras that you receive from a food or grocery joint and then store them inside the pocket behind your seat. Request your fellow riders not to litter
When a group of friends or family comes together for a trip in their car, they tend to drop the empty food packets and cola glasses right under their seats without going through much hassle. Thus, when you step out of the car, these plastic containers might fall on the ground even at the slightest feet movement without anybody even noticing them. Furthermore, if the plastic stays inside the car for too long and the vehicle has been parked somewhere without a proper shade, the heat drawn from the sun is alone capable of melting these microplastic elements that will eventually enter the system of the riders once they are inside the car again and the AC is switched on. Thereby, to discourage habits like these, have two or three litter bags handy, so that whenever somebody needs to discard trash, it goes inside their demarcated area and once you find a stop, diligently put them inside a recycle bin. 
Reduce the weight
Transporting some extra weight in your car should only be a one-time thing; if you discover anything heavy lying around in your car for too long, remove it immediately. While it seems like an appropriate proposal to keep a few things intact in the back of your car, but you are not realizing the harm that is being caused both to the carriage and environment. Carrying these weights back-and-forth every time you take a ride will cost you more fuel and consequently escalated release carbon footprints

Lessen the use of air-conditioner   
A decisive way to go Green both inside and outside the car is by minimizing the use of air conditioners. We know that most people prefer to turn on the AC when they are looking forward to making their rides less tiring and more comfortable, but this is not a judicious alternative for both the car and the environment. Needless to say that private cars are one of the highest contributors of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) in the air and to intensify the repercussions, the engine starts exhausting more fuel thus generating an increased amount of smoke in the air.
Car maintenance
If you were influenced by the preconceived notion that washing and maintaining your car both from the inside and outside will only polish its appeal and make it more efficient, then you are only partly correct because when the parts fail to function with their initial vigor due to considerable time-lapse and lack of continuance, the engine requires extra power to carry on with the functions that in turn result in escalated carbon footprint. Conducting a check-up every two months or quarterly will not only help you to remove the scrap that the inside of your car was introduced to but also track the fuel-consumption over time.


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