Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Can Embrace Just Like Kristen Bell

Saturday, June 06, 2020

If you love Disney, then you must be familiar with popular actress and dietician Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell has dazzled audiences around the world with her brilliant performances on some of Disney’s most popular productions. She has made appearances in movies like Frozen, Frozen sequel, and The Good Place. 

One aspect of Kristen's life many of her fans and admirers seem to be interested in is her fantastic body and skin. This has led people to actively search for ways they can copy and emulate the star’s eating habits. In this piece, we will be taking a dive into Kristen Bell’s nutritional life and how you can eat more like her. To get the Kristen bell body and skin, here are the best tips from her to you:

Watch Your Portions

Kristen is very cautious about the amount of food she takes in. Portion control is important to her nutrition and she eats in the right proportions always. She tries as much as possible to eat clean healthy meals and does not indulge in any practices that will mess up her eating plans. 

Moderation and balance are key for Kristen as she ensures she balances her meals with a little bit of everything and cuts out unhealthy foods. She has a fluid eating pattern that although is not necessarily restrictive, it allows her to properly control the amount of whatever she eats. If you want to be more body conscious like her then you should control your portions. 

Lay off the Booze

Alcohol and other alcoholic beverages are almost non-existent in Kristen’s meals. She tries as much as she can to stay away from alcoholic drinks and she ingests as little as possible. Although she engages herself with the occasional bottle of red wine and a good movie, she tries as much as she can to limit herself and prevent increased consumption. If you already consume alcohol in high volumes, you will need to cut your consumption of alcohol. This may mean you will need to limit your consumption of alcohol to special occasions and celebrations. 

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

We know many of you will feel sad when you get to this point in the article but the point is if you want to be healthy and emulate healthy habits as Kristen does, then you will need to do the same. Kristen initially realized the benefits of reducing sugar intake when she joined her husband on a 30-day cleanse and abstinence from sugar. Since then she has devoted herself to abstaining from the item. She says it is all about teaching your body to treat sugar as harmful to your body. This way you become much better equipped to stay away from sugar and ingesting it will not be as pleasurable. Cutting sugar from your diet is not an easy feat, therefore you must do it in stages.

These tips we have given are some of the ways you can eat more like Kristen Bell and get that killer body and skin you have always wanted. If you want to undergo this change in your dietary pattern, you can also see a nutritionist for best practices.


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